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Tired of the Typical? Try These Creative Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Beautiful wedding set up outdoors

Just about every wedding you attend will have some form of floral or candlelit centerpiece adorning each of the tables. While these offer a classy look for your special day, you don’t have to choose the same thing as everyone else. These creative wedding centerpiece ideas can help you create a unique atmosphere for your wedding that will have people talking.
An Edible Arrangement

When people arrive at your wedding reception, chances are they’re already hungry. One way to satisfy their need is to place edible arrangements made from fruit. Your guests will love the look and can snack on a healthy treat while they wait for the food to be served. This is the perfect alternative to real flowers.

A Unique Ambiance

Instead of choosing the typical candles, you can create a similar ambiance with the use of battery-operated LED lights. Purchase martini glasses and place a light in the bottom of each one. After you light them, fill the martini glasses with clear decorative stones or marbles. The LED lights will shine through and create a glow in the center of your tables.

Comment Jars

It seems everyone has something to say to the new couple. To help them say it, place decorated mason jars at the center of each table. Put a pile of paper slips on each table along with a few pens, and your guests can write down their best advice, share a memory or leave a message. Use these slips of paper for your scrapbook or read through them every year on your anniversary.

A Beach Theme

If you’re being married on the beach or just love the beach, creating beach-themed centerpieces will stand apart. Purchase round fish bowls, fill them with shells, and add some water. Everyone will love the effect these centerpieces have on the mood of your wedding.

Wedding centerpieces can match your overall theme or create the atmosphere you want. Choosing something out of the ordinary will have your guests talking and will make your event one to remember.