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Planning A Destination Wedding? Don’t Forget These Essential Details

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Many brides and grooms-to-be are asking, what are the best destination wedding places? While important, this is not the only question to consider. For those mulling over far-off places and faraway outdoor wedding venues for their big day, it is also necessary to consider a number of other details — details that many people forget. Here are just a few:

Get Creative With Transportation
Every year, Americans spend up to $72 billion on weddings — and a large portion of that undoubtedly comes from destination weddings. While transportation is a concern no matter where you get married, it’s a lot more complicated when everyone is flying to a remote location. Remember that you’ll have to factor in the expense of transportation to and from the hotel and any places you may go before and after the wedding. As for the day of the wedding, many industry experts recommend fun — but sophisticated — beach buggies, if you opt for a tropical, Carribbean, or beach wedding.

Carefully Consider What To Wear
Let’s say that, as with some of the most popular and the very best destination wedding places, you land on a beach-side wedding. Beach weddings can be enviably beautiful, but there are some practicalities to think about. One of the biggest challenges can be deciding what the bride — and everyone else — should wear. Most industry experts seem to agree that a dress with a short hem and light fabric is best. Keep in mind that it will be just about impossible to walk in heels on the sand. Opt for flats, sandals, or wedges. “The more surface area the sole of your shoes have, the easier it will be to walk,” Lori Conley, a senior buyer at David’s Bridal, recommends. Men, feel free to wear flip flops, and choose lighter colored suits (or light-colored button downs or polos for a more informal event). At any rate, more people equate “nice wedding places” with the outdoors. Plan ahead when it comes to attire, and make sure to adequately warn guests — so they will know what to wear or what not to wear, too.

Destination weddings take a little bit of extra planning. Don’t forget about all of the nuances of transportation, and wear appropriate attire, even if it’s a little less formal.