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Make Your Wedding Favors Stand Out

Wedding decoration for table seating

Many brides still choose the standby wedding favors of candy, matchbooks and other useless trinkets individuals either leave behind or discard once they arrive home. Instead of wasting your money, consider choosing more interesting wedding favors that stand out and give your guests something they can use for years to come. Your guests will appreciate it!

Flower Bulbs

Flowers are one of the best parts of springtime, especially when you have beautiful bulbs that come up year after year. Either package your favorite bulbs in a small burlap sack or plant them into small pots and attach a tag that tells your guests to plant their bulbs at home to watch them bloom, just as your love has. Your guests will love it and will think of your wedding each spring when the flowers bloom. Irises, lilies, daffodils and tulips are all great choices.

Kitchen Gadgets

You’re starting your life together and likely need new household items. However, you can share with your guests by choosing wedding-themed kitchen gadgets to use as favors. For instance, consider a heart-shaped tea infuser, a bottle stopper or bottle openers. As long as your favors are something your guests can use, they are much more likely to take them home and appreciate them.

Something to Eat

While most people enjoy candy at least some of the time, most people get tired of the typical mints, chocolate-covered almonds and other candies typically offered at weddings. Mix things up by putting together unique baskets with lemonade or hot cocoa mix, a jar filled with cookie ingredients, or a jar of local honey.

Choosing wedding favors can be overwhelming. However, you don’t have to settle for the typical. There are many functional, unique options from which you can choose. These favors are worth your money because there is a greater chance your guests will take them home and enjoy them, rather than leaving them behind or throwing them away.