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35 Items to Pack in Your Wedding day Emergency Kit

wedding day emergency kit

You know all those times your mom nagged you about being prepared and planning ahead? Well, your wedding day is when that advice is going to really come in handy. With just a little careful planning, and a quick run to the store, you can put together a wedding day emergency kit that can help you handle just about anything that comes your way.

Wondering what to pack in your wedding day kit? Here’s a quick list of 35 items to consider:

1. Sewing kit

2. Hem tape

3. Safety pins

4. Clear nail polish (for pantyhose runs or to affix a loose button)

5. Nail polish in your shade in case of chips

6. Spare pantyhose

7. Stain pen (like Tide to Go)

8. Super glue

9. White chalk

10. Bobby pins

11. Small scissors

12. Lint roller

13. Spare earring backs

14. Nail file

15. Oil absorbing sheets

16. Tissue

17. Tampons (stress can mess with your cycle) 18. Mini first aid kit

19. Mints

20. Aspirin

21. Mouthwash

22. Protein or granola bar

23. Drinking straws (to preserve your perfect lips) 24. Toothbrush

25. Toothpaste

26. Dental floss

27. Hand wipes

28. Pocket mirror

29. Hand sanitizer

30. Hand lotion

31. Antacids

32. Allergy pills

33. Eye drops

34. Deodorant

35. Fake ring (in case the best man forgets!)

If your ceremony is outdoors, or you plan to take pictures in an outdoor setting, add some sunscreen and a small bottle of insect repellent as well.

All it takes is a little planning “and a printout of this list” to avoid hundreds of little mishaps, and focus all your attention on the day ahead of you.