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Tips and ideas for post-wedding shenanigans

Tips And Ideas For Post-wedding Shenanigans

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most exciting days of your life, so much for some that there are pre and post-wedding events to keep the celebration going. If you’ve been looking forward to this day we don’t blame you for wanting to celebrate for as long as possible! Post-wedding parties are a great way to have extra quality time with your family and loved ones, especially those who traveled from abroad and to soak up more of the love and laughter without the formalities of the wedding itself. Here are some ideas for day-after the wedding rituals and things to consider.

Wedding after-parties have become a popular event following most weddings. This post-reception is usually open to all wedding guests to attend but is more popular amongst younger guests. It can either be at the same place as the reception or in a different room or location. It depends on the number of people. Things to consider for after-parties include offering beverages, food, and transportation.

Day-After Brunch
Especially popular for destination weddings, the day after the wedding offers a chance for guests to say goodbye after a weekend of celebration. It is usually set up as a buffet-style meal where guests can come and go as they please, this event takes place on a terrace or nice indoor venue and is fairly informal. You can choose to offer traditional brunch meals such as Eggs Benedict and mimosas or try a different menu. The brunch may be hosted by whoever hosted the wedding, with invitations extended to all wedding guests or just a particular group, it depends on you.

Lunch or Late Dinner
Since we are talking about a post-wedding event, chances are guests will be recovering from the celebration. Offering a lunch or late dinner is also a good idea to give family and friends some time to rest. This is a great option for city weddings. Either your venue may be able to host you for a second day or you can also reserve a place at your favorite restaurant.

Having a post-wedding event is a good option to close the wedding celebrations and gather with friends and family for a little more time. Talk to your venue or wedding planner if you are considering this option as it will require time, planning, and budget.