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4 Valentine’s event ideas to fall in love with

Valentines Day

While Valentine’s flowers, cards, dinners, and chocolate are always a safe bet on this day, experiences such as events are always more valuable. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at different types of events you can create for this day dedicated to love. Here are some Valentine’s Day event ideas to inspire you.

1. Tasting experience
Love fits hand in hand with food and drink. You could run a wine or Rosé tasting event accompanied by tasty bites to create a romantic but worthwhile experience. Try having different brands and tastes as well as high-quality products to create variety and elegance. You can make it a private event with several people or an open event, you decide.

2. Couples dancing lesson
Organize this dynamic event by teaming up with a famous or experienced dance teacher. Valentine’s Day celebration can be a little too predictable so offering something fun and different can be attractive to many. You can offer a quick dance competition and a prize for the winner (maybe a romantic getaway to a nice place).

3. Live performance
There is a variety of performances to offer. You can determine the type by either the audience you’ll make the event for or just the type of performance. Live music or a comedy night (check out the comedians beforehand and make sure you’re getting the appropriate tone) are great options for lovebirds.

4. Masquerade ball
This type of event does require a lot more time and planning but it can be very successful for Valentine’s! Make it interactive by prizing the best mask or the best costume. Party games and photo booths add to the fun as well. Make sure to find an appropriate location that corresponds to the theme, have great decorations, entertainment, and send out the invites or announce tickets on time.

When hosting a V-day event, the atmosphere is everything, so make sure to find the right venue. Give this celebration a twist with these fun ideas to woo your crowd and play Cupid. Contact us to learn how we can help you host the perfect Valentine’s Day event.