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3 things to consider for an Easter wedding

3 Things To Consider For An Easter Wedding

Planning to get married during Easter can be tricky as it is one of the most popular holidays on the calendar. On one hand, if you announce the wedding on time, it gives your guests and planning crew time to prepare. On the other hand, it might cause some schedule conflicts with those who had plans or trips for the holiday and spend that day celebrating with family. Before you set the date, here are some things to consider if you want a wedding on Easter.

1. Do you need permission to marry at this time?

Since this is a religious holiday, observances and celebrations apart from the Lenten season and Easter Sunday are discouraged and even declined by priests and churches due to the number of masses and activities they need to carry out. If you are considering this date, it is best to speak with the priest or church beforehand to find out if they will allow it. You will then be informed if your request has been granted and start planning for the event.

2. Possibility of a low guest count

Planning a wedding on a day that is considered to be a holy and popular holiday comes with the possibility of having a low guest count. If a low guest count is not a problem for you, then you don’t have to worry about anything. But make sure to announce the potential date to family and close friends to make sure if they can attend a wedding during the Easter holiday. It helps if you already have the blessing of the church, so make sure that you lay out all the details with your family.

3. What time should the ceremony be?

Another important factor is the time of the ceremony and the reception. If you are targeting an Easter Sunday wedding, you won’t be able to have your wedding at the same time as the church service. And if you do get away with having a Sunday morning wedding, you might have a low turnout of guests. Guests who are active church members might not be able to make a wedding ceremony in the morning. A brunch wedding or an after-lunch affair would be a great choice. You’ll be able to serve guests and keep them fed, energized for the ceremony and reception, and they’ll have time to travel home and rest in time for the start of the workweek the next day.

Consider these tips if you are planning on having your wedding during Easter. Weddings require a lot of planning, adaptation, and being open to unpredictable things as well as new possibilities. At Renaissance, we offer indoor and outdoor chapel for on-site wedding ceremonies with theater-style seating for up to 500+ guests. Contact us today!