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The Top Three Most Romantic Wedding Venues

Bride looking down at her bouquet of flowers.

More brides and grooms (40%) are teaming up to plan wedding ceremonies and receptions. (And 75% of grooms will graciously give their input about what items they would like to see on the wedding gift registry.) Soon-to-be married men and women agree on one crucial point: wedding venues should be memorable, personal, and romantic. Here are some of the most romantic wedding places to choose from.

Who Doesn’t Want to Get Married In A Castle?
Approximately 15% of couples host their wedding receptions outside — and, with some careful planning and saving, you can throw a wedding celebration in and/or around a castle. There are at least six castles in the U.S. that you can rent out for your wedding day — and there is even a greater number overseas, especially in countries like England and Ireland.

Destination Weddings Spell Romance
Destination weddings may seem costly — but that’s not 100% accurate. Couples tend to have smaller guest lists and spend less on decorations (the scenery is already incredible, after all!) when they throw a destination wedding. Most destination weddings take place on beaches (think Hawaii!) or in exotic locations, like Greece and Italy.

Make Your Wedding Day Entirely Your Own
Of course, the most romantic wedding places can also be right in your backyard literally — or in local banquet hall rentals. A banquet hall, for example, is a large and comfortable space for all of your guests — and most take care of cleaning for you! You can decorate these locations, like yards and banquet halls, however you like, making it your own and infusing it with personal touches and bits and pieces of your particular love story or romance.

Make your wedding day unforgettable — and do it by choosing the best and most romantic wedding venue. There are a lot of different choices from castles and destination weddings to weddings in banquet halls right near home, but with all of the right personal touches.