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Holiday Parties: Keep Employees Happy, Without Devastating The Budget

Corporate holiday parties
Ruth Hartnup
Photograph taken by: Ruth Hartnup

Get Out Of The Office
Just like checking work emails after hours can lead to headaches and even heart problems according to a new study, having a holiday party in the office can seriously affect employees’ ability to have a good time. Instead of reminding them of how much they have to do at every corner, consider cheap halls for rent when planning a corporate event like a company holiday party. A change of scenery will get things started off on the right foot.

Serve Appetizers Instead Of A Sit-Down Meal
A sit-down meal for dozens or hundreds of employees can get unreasonably expensive. Skip it. Invest in some delicious appetizers and plenty of drinks instead. With enough drinks and a fair amount of satisfying finger foods, your employees will not be complaining.

Have The Party At The Right Time
Banquet halls are large and private, and they’re usually not too bad to look at either (e.g. well-kept and well-decorated). They’re the perfect space for an office party — if you do it right. The key to planning a corporate event at a banquet hall is to stick to weekdays. Weekends will be much more expensive. Make it clear that there will be alcohol served and it’s an adults-only party, to avoid kids and extra mouths to feed.

Are you planning a Halloween or Christmas party? Your employees will love you for it. Make sure you don’t bankrupt the company in the process, by taking some cost-saving precautions.