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The Benefits of Having Your Wedding at the Reception Hall

Wedding reception hall

Weddings tend to be planned months, if not a full year, ahead of the date. A large part of the reason for this is that locations can be booked solid for months, making it difficult for you to get in unless a cancellation comes up. And sometimes making the plans a year or more in advance backfires as someone has already laid claim to the date.

Wedding at the Reception Hall:


An additional consideration that comes with weddings is the location of the ceremony. Where do you want to have it? Do you have a special location that is close to your heart, or are you flexible with your choices? Consider the fact that Renaissance has a beachfront location that can host a wedding while providing the perfect backdrop. It really doesn’t get much better than having a wedding on the beach on a beautiful, sunny day.

Save Money While Still Having a Perfect Day

Combining the wedding location with the reception hall has the added benefit of reducing costs. No having to hire an outside limo company for transportation; instead, it’s a short distance from the beach to the reception hall, easily traveled in minutes instead of the better part of an hour.

Dealing With the Weather During a Wedding

If the weather’s not perfect for an outdoor wedding, the Renaissance has an indoor chapel. Have your vows performed in one room where guests are seated as if in a church, then step into the reception hall afterwards and begin the festivities. But if the weather is perfect, there’s an outdoor chapel that is perfect for your ceremonies.

Having the Perfect Event

The benefits of combining the ceremony with the reception hall has the overall effect of reducing cost and uncertainties while meeting all of your needs. The event planners are available to help a bride and groom turn their wishes and desires into reality. All of the services are handled under one roof — no having to scout for a location, then try to find an available date.

Take advantage of what the Renaissance has to offer and eliminate potential problems while keeping costs under control. It all but guarantees the perfect wedding.