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Six Unique Candles Decorate Any Celebratory Banquet Table

Decorating with Candles

Banquet table decorations match the party’s décor, create a festive atmosphere, and invite guests to relax and have fun. Whether you set the tables with colorful, neutral, formal, or primitive centerpieces, try one of six unique, attractive, affordable, and inviting candles at your next banquet.

Decorate Any Celebratory Banquet Table:


1. Select Single Candles – Single candles make simple yet elegant centerpieces, especially with embellishments. they can include decorative candle holders, color coordinated ribbons, raffia bows or small flowers.


2. Arrange Pillars – Customize each centerpiece with pillars of varying heights. Small, medium, and large pillars look attractive on long tables when they’re placed in a row. Or arrange them in circles to decorate round tables.


3. Focus on Tea Lights – Small tea light candles allow guests to visit across the table. Arrange several tea lights in the center of the tables on colorful placemats or set them on decorated boxes at varying heights. They also look beautiful when they’re arranged around the table near each place setting.


4. Utilize Flameless Candles – When paired with flowers, ribbon, or other flammable materials, flameless candles improve ambiance and safety. Customize this candle option when you utilize flameless light bulbs that match the banquet’s theme.


5. Use Colored Candles – Colorful candles accentuate the banquet’s color scheme. Create an interesting visual with matching or contrasting colored candles that accompany the tablecloths, flowers, and other banquet decorations.


6. Mix Textures – Smooth, rough, fuzzy, silky, corrugated, and other textures add variety to centerpieces. When choosing candles and embellishments, mix as many or as few textures as you want to create centerpieces that pop.


Candles offer the perfect decorative addition to any banquet. Try one of these six unique candle centerpieces as you set attractive, affordable, and inviting banquet tables for your guests.