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The Next Wedding Trends of 2021

While looking back on 2020, it can already be assumed that everyone is ready for the new year. For newly engaged couples, they cannot wait to start planning their wedding in 2021. Compared to previous years, predicted wedding trends held a steady flow of what flowers and desserts would be the most popular. 2021’s wedding trends are forecasted to differ quite a bit from the norm. Here are the predicted wedding trends of 2021.

Brighter and Colorful
​After this year, no couple wants to go for a regular color palette for their wedding theme. Brighter and bolder colors will be seen in almost every wedding this next year. For the first time, white will not be a primary color in a wedding. Even brides are straying away from traditional wedding gowns to colorful dresses. Couples want their weddings to embody a fun and lively aesthetic for all their guests to enjoy. It is safe to say that white is a thing of the past for weddings. 

More Personal Touches
​Whether the couple selects monogrammed napkins or signature cocktails, adding personal touches will blossom in 2021 weddings. In years past, customizable decor or desserts were already growing in popularity. However, 2021 will be the year this trend hits its highest in demand. From party favors to dessert to-go bags, there will be more signature items at weddings. 

Exciting Entertainment
​The classic wedding band or DJ is not enough for 2021 weddings. These weddings are reaching a new level when it comes to entertainment at receptions. Entertainment choices for 2021 weddings are about making an enjoyable experience. While the guests enjoy a signature cocktail, they can also have their palms read by a psychic or sit down at their table to listen to a comedian. Other ideas of entrainment include professional dancers, petting zoos, or live artists. 

Delayed Receptions
​One major trend for 2021 is delayed receptions. This means that the couple will most likely hold a small ceremony and plan a bigger reception later in the year or the following year. Couples plan these receptions after their ceremony because they want to ensure that everyone can attend and have a good time. A bonus to this trend is how many great venue options these couples will have at a great price.