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Winter Wedding Ideas to Outshine the Season

Winter Wedding Ideas to Outshine the Season

Spring and summer weddings can step aside because winter weddings are growing in popularity. Maybe it is the holiday cheer or loved ones coming together to celebrate a festive occasion. Either way winter weddings are trending more than ever. To the couples planning their future and booking a wedding venue in Miami for next winter, here are some ideas to make your wedding day truly shine.

​1. Switch Up Traditional Arrangements for Seasonal Florals and Luscious Greens
From the bouquet to the centerpieces, floral arrangements have been a traditional decoration for every wedding. During winter, these arrangements are in need of a change. For floral arrangements, focus on seasonal florals like amaryllis, poinsettias, ranunculus, and many more. Add in a touch of pine sprigs, holly, and mistletoe. The green leaves behind a glorious scent and will remind anyone of the holiday season.

​2. A Cup of Hot Chocolate to Warm the Heart
Nothing says winter like cozying up with a mug of hot chocolate. Several of the new wedding trends are desserts and drinks. Either during the cocktail hour or the reception, set up a delicious hot chocolate bar for the guests. Let them whip up a sweet drink with all their favorite hot chocolate toppings. For a personal touch, design custom cups and marshmallows. The hot chocolate bar gets everyone into the winter spirit, especially if the wedding venue is somewhere warmer like Miami.

​3. Tie a Bow on Top
Spread some more holiday cheer during a winter wedding by topping off the decor with a practically perfect bow. As family and friends come together to celebrate the joyous holiday season, they also join in to congratulate the happy couple on the first step to the rest of their lives. Tie adorable bows on the place settings to show how much of a gift it is to have the guests attend this occasion. Style the party favors as classic holiday presents, the guests do not have to wait to open.