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Seasonal Quinceañera Themes: Autumn and Winter

Quinceañera Miami ballroom

During every year and every season, another young girl celebrates her Quinceañera surrounded by her family and friends in this long-standing tradition dating back generations. Choosing a theme for such an occasion demands a great deal of attention without straying away from the main focus: the birthday girl. This party is about her, and so requires a theme to match how incredible she is. For the girls currently planning out their upcoming celebration and looking at more seasonal decor, Autumn and Winter’s themes are what you will want to check out for your Miami ballroom.

For this season, the color palette is already picked out: reds, oranges, and yellows. Make a grand entryway filled with fall leaves sprinkled in a path leading to the Miami ballroom. Light the room in a gorgeous glow by placing candles on the tables or handing from the ceiling. Make pumpkin or spiced flavored desserts for guests. Autumn is such a beautiful season, and is often a common favorite. There is also an option to go on a Halloween route with this theme and add a couple spooky decorations to the mix.

Similar with the Autumn, have fake snow guide guests into a Winter Wonderland. Hang snowflakes from fake white trees around the room. This season is all about glitter, so do not be afraid to use it in all decorating. For the dress, enhance the winter theme with a white sparkling gown fit for a queen. As guests marvel at the winter decorations, they can sip on some delicious hot chocolate. In addition to the drinks, splurge on traditional goodies served every year in the holidays. The best part of both of this seasonal theme, including Autumn, is that they can be used during anytime of the year.