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Sensational Spring Bouquet Ideas That Will Knock Your Veil Off

Renaissance Miami

Spring bouquet trends for 2020 are leaning towards big and bold with an edgy flair. However, the most popular requests this year for spring wedding arrangements are beyond the norm with the inclusion of a few unique stem and design choices.

Sensational Sun Palms

Taking the best bouquets of 2020 to sensational heights are glorious sun palm leaves. Fan-shaped and often grayish, sun palms can be painted or dyed to match endless color palettes. However, in their natural form they are prominent in countless magazine cover-worthy bridal and special event arrangements around the world. Pampas grass and monstera are great compliments amid sun palm bouquets.

Bleached Greenery

Again, the blooms themselves are often taking a backseat to creative greenery additions, and bleached leafy plants are taking on a major role in 2020 bouquets. Minimalists, Bohemian style seekers and those wanting simplicity are loving the look of bleached Italian ruscus and palms this year. Free-spirited brides embrace the ethereal look and appreciate the longevity bleached greenery provides.

Dried Flowers

Want to keep your bouquet or centerpieces looking great forever? Dried flowers are no longer just for rustic and vintage style weddings. Modern brides are flocking to dried daisies, lavender, birds of paradise, baby’s breath on other blooms to walk down the aisle and decorate with. A nice touch is the inclusion of incorporating dried flowers onto invitation stationery to promote the wedding theme.

Monochromatic Palettes

Bouquets in monochromatic palettes are gaining traction with event planner’s clients, as they can be employed to create rich, lavish effects through color blocking. Using various shades of the same hue with greenery or bleached greenery added creates rather striking effects, making monochromatic bouquets, backdrops and centerpieces a top choice for 2020.

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