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4 Fantastic At Home Proposal Ideas

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While many couples love sharing the magical experience of a marriage proposal with friends, family and sometimes even strangers, some prefer to enjoy the moment more privately. Popping the big question at home in such cases is a natural fit, and here are four fun ways to get an enthusiastic “Yes!”

1. Make Game Night ‘THE’ Night

Love challenging each other over games? Make a night of it—with a proposal plan twist. Enjoy trivia or charades? Ask the BIG question in place of routine one, or act out the proposal in lieu of the character or phrase on the game card. Clever game proposals with Scrabble letters, jigsaw puzzles or a treasure hunt leading to the ring are sure to wow fiancés to be.

2. Plan a Special Meal at Home

Surprise your loved one with a homemade dinner, or calling in for takeout from your favorite restaurant. Wine and dine them at home, using fine plates and a few special touches such as customized  proposal wine and champagne bottles or chocolate boxes with a special spot for the engagement ring surprise.

3. Prepare with a ‘Pet-Posal’

Prom-posals became all the rage in recent years, and pet proposals are equally as adorable. Place the engagement ring on your pet’s neck collar, allowing them to catch your partner’s attention to make your intentions known. If you don’t have a furry friend but your potential life mate has always wanted one, consider adopting a pet they’ll fall in love with during this extra special proposal.

4. Recruit a Celeb or Favorite Band for a Virtual Experience

Is there a top celebrity or music act currently offering virtual concerts or personalized messages that might help make your case for being the best fiancé of all time? Quite a few icons offer cameos that can give your loved one a shout out and a proposal to remember. Consider planning a virtual ‘after party’ with friends and family to join in on after the big acceptance.

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