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New Wedding Favor Ideas for Summer Weddings

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a nice way of saying Thank You to your wedding guests for sharing in your festivities and for taking the time to attend your wedding and reception. Wedding favors are usually set at each place setting for a formal dinner or handed out to guests as they arrive or depart the reception, if there is no assigned seating. Wedding favors vary widely, from candy or almonds to live plants or miniature trees. Consumable items are generally a better choice, since most people are trying the number of possessions they acquire. The trick is finding something that will be appreciated by individuals or all ages. Like most wedding-related items, there are trends when it comes to wedding favors. Below are just a few hot ideas for summer wedding favors:

1. Honey. Who doesn’t like food gifts? A small container of locally-harvested honey will be appreciated by cooks of any age. You can even print out labels with your names on them or cute sayings like “it was meant to bee”.

2. Small plants. While summer is the wrong season for planting trees or even most flowers, you can still give a sun-loving plant like a small cactus or succulent.

3. Bug spray. It may not be glamorous, but it’s likely to be very appreciated if you are hosting an outdoor ceremony or reception.

Wedding favors help your guests feel appreciated. Stay on trend this summer with a gift they can eat, plant or use at the wedding.