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Marrying in a Pandemic: What to Take into Account

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The worst time, the best time

Planning a wedding is stressful. The process is months’ work of choosing venues, finding catering, organizing the guest list, dress, and suit fittings, etc. Everything must be perfect for you and your fiancé. Of course, it must be perfect. This day is an important milestone in your life. You and your fiancé are declaring your love and making promises to one another in front of your family and friends to witness. The wedding must be impeccable. Though, the current climate created more barriers to making your special day extraordinary. The good news is there are solutions for you and your fiancé to get married and still host a beautiful wedding.

Booking Ahead

For those newly engaged couples or those who recently needed to make wedding adjustments, do not worry. At the moment, numerous venues are accommodating to the times and looking to the future. While this instant is not the ideal time to host a wedding, right now is excellent for booking wedding venues. Think back to the places you liked but not able to reserve for financial or scheduling reasons. For couples getting married next year, prices are lower than before as well as more reservation options.

Plan Confidently

​Major portions of wedding planning are samplings and fittings. Most of the fun is in tasting the wedding cakes or hors d’oeuvres and trying on the dresses or suits. You might not have the opportunities to do these during this time. For items such as food and clothing, select brands and catering you can rely on based on your past experience or a trusting testimonial. Choose a catering company your friend booked for their wedding in the past and loved their food. Fashion the bridal party in brands you are familiar with. Go with your gut on these selections and be confident in your choices.

Who is invited?

​Due to social distancing and traveling regulations, the big wedding with all your friends and family is not possible. Before the pandemic, you thought about cutting down only a few people from the guest list. Your current guest now appears a lot smaller than before. Set the maximum number of guests you are to invite. List all the people who must be there. Once the guest list is complete, look it over again. Ask yourself who needs to travel from another state and what are the conditions of your state and theirs. Some weddings are having family members on a video call for them to be present at the wedding without being physically there.

Health and Safety

​The health and safety of yourself, your fiancé, and your guests are a priority. Event planners and venues are taking precautions for the benefit of everyone. This includes cleaning services, wearing masks, social distancing, and more. You can research which wedding planners prioritize these precautions and what their steps to a safe and healthy wedding are. The provisions in place may add some more stress to the planning than you intended, but embrace it and have fun with it. For party favors, have you and your fiancé design custom hand sanitizer labels and masks. Design masks for the whole wedding party to wear. The possibilities are endless.

Make Peace with Changes

​Wedding planning is a lot to handle. The world is consistently changing and rescheduling different events and occasions. What is best for you is to take a deep breath and accept these transitions. Your venue might ask you to reschedule. The catering company cannot supply the entrees you wanted. Your family members are not able to fly to your wedding. All the alterations and outlining you put into place the as soon as you got engaged seems like it was all for nothing, but it was not. Your wedding can still happen. It may not have all the fixings, but your wedding can still be a glorious and memorable event. Couples getting married in a pandemic are hosting smaller and more intimate weddings and preparing to present an extravagant wedding anniversary party the following year for everyone who could not be there. Do not let this pandemic be an obstacle to happily ever after. See it as another challenge you and your fiancé will face on your life journey together.