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Mesmerizing Quinceañera Themes: Fairy Tale Edition

Quinceañera Miami venue

Once upon a time, a girl turns fifteen and becomes a woman. This day is to be celebrated throughout the lands. Loving relatives and friends are invited to take part in the festivities as they witness the girl embark on this truly special day. Quinceañeras are meant to be honored as if they were told right from a magical storybook. Allow the birthday girl to become the princess she was born to be with these Quinceañera themes meant for any Miami venue.

​1. Off to the Ball
A classic story is always an excellent idea for a Quinceañera theme, and the party does not have to end at midnight. Send out invitations to guests like they are members of the court invited to a royal ball. Decorate your venue for guests to believe they are walking into a palace. Place glass slippers, miniature carriages, or fake pumpkins as centerpieces on the tables. A few have gone as far as to add clocks set to nearly striking midnight in their decor. Most importantly, never forget the ballgown and the tiara. Find a dress that looks as though it were made from a Fairy Godmother, herself. A crown on top is another piece perfect for a magical night.

​2. Enchanted Forest
Step out of reality and into a forest of mythical creatures with this theme. The beauty of fairy tales lies in the wonder surrounding their stories. An enchanted forest theme encompasses that beauty. Trick your guests into believing your indoor venue is outside using fake vines, flowers, and trees. Jar lanterns on hanging above create a mystic glow. In the jars, you can also put in cutouts to appear as fairy silhouettes. On the tables, use fairy houses for centerpieces and sprinkle flower petals around them. As for the Quinceañera dress, think florals and sparkles to embrace the charm of the rest of the theme.

​3. Beauty Without the Beast
​Open up this classic story, even if you already read it twice. This theme has everything: gorgeous gowns, magical decorations, and princess in disguise. Transform your venue into a magical castle, but without the curse. Sprinkle red rose petals on the tables and center them with a charming candelabra. Go beyond the imagination and display the forbidden rose for all to see, but never to touch. Turn the Miami venue into embellishments of golds and blues. For the woman of the evening, dress in the signature golden gown to truly reveal her royal standing. By the end of the evening, everyone will be thankful to be guests at this ball.

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