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3 Non-Wedding Reasons to Book a Banquet Hall

Miami banquet hall

One of the most popular places to host a wedding and reception is a large banquet hall, and it makes sense. The wedding party and their families want the day to be exciting and memorable for all involved, and often that means the more the merrier. But you certainly don’t need someone to tie the knot just to have a good time. Here’s some other life milestones that are great to celebrate at a banquet hall.

Milestone Birthdays, Anniversaries and Holidays

Whether it is your son’s Bah Mitzvah, your daughter’s Quinceañera or Sweet Sixteen, or your husband’s 50th birthday, or your parents’ 50th anniversary it’s a great reason to plan a party. At Renaissance, we can work with your guest list to develop the perfect age-appropriate menu and entertainment to make these occasions even more memorable than they already are.

Family Reunions

With the global economy it is not uncommon for family members to be scattered all over the world, and in order to get everyone together, you need a venue worthy of everyone’s effort. Renaissance in Miami is a great choice. Those already in the U.S. will find the trip economical in most cases, and those abroad will have great international flight options as well.

With our extensive menu, entertainment options, and choice of venues to fit 50 to 500 plus guests, we’re sure to have options perfect for your family.

Graduations, Promotions, and Retirement

Whether your guest of honor has made it through high school, is receiving their doctorate, or is closing the door on their main career and opening new doors to their next chapter, it’s a great time to celebrate and reflect on all they have accomplished.

Their guests will enjoy being treated special for the day or evening, and there are plenty of opportunities within the city, on the beaches, or even travel options if they want to keep celebrating after the party.

To learn more about how we can help you get the most out of your celebration contact Renaissance Event Venues in Miami at 305-231-2001 or in Coral Gables at 305–445-1313.