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Planning the Perfect Seating Chart for Your Next Event

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Planning a wedding is a detailed task, but even the most dedicated wedding planner will require the input of the bride and groom concerning how they’d like guests seated at the reception. After all, only the hosts know that cousin Sue and Aunt Mary don’t get along or that any such situations exist.

Beyond guests getting along, there is an unofficial pecking order that traditions dictate concerning seating. Today, many couples toss these ‘rules’ aside and opt to plan seating charts in a way that allows gets to truly mingle and get to know each other during the festivities. Check out these tips for establishing a flaw-free seating plan.

Size Matters

If you have less than 50 guests attending, a seating chart isn’t likely necessary. However, if the wedding is large and you want special guests like parents, family members or the wedding party to be close by, you can reserve spots for them and allow others to sit freely. Those who want a full seating schedule will find the task eased with careful planning and the use of technology.

Establish Your Floor Plan

One benefit of utilizing a banquet and event rental space is that the staff helping to make your arrangements knows the layout and floor plan logistics of the venue. They can help you decide where to put DJ booths, dance floors, food, photo booths, and the all-important tables. Once staging is drafted, you can see how many will fit at each table and start figuring out who will sit where and by whom.

Creating the Ideal Seating Plan

Plan to situate your family and bridal party the closest to you to streamline toasts, dances and other interactions that are common in receptions. You’ll want to keep families together when possible and take heed when seating children at an ‘all kids’ table. This zone could get out of hand quickly when someone is monitoring them.

From there, everything else should take shape naturally. Don’t forget to put any single and ready-to-mingle guests at tables together—you might start a new romance! There are plenty of free apps that you can use that allow for dragging and dropping of people into seating charts to ‘test drive’ them and then share virtually with VIPs.