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Picking the Best Wedding Venue for You

wedding reception venue

Did you know that, throughout the country, well over 2 million weddings occur every single year? For so many, picking the perfect color scheme, clothing, menu, and more is essential to make their day as memorable as possible. In fact, almost a third of all brides take around seven to twelve months to plan the whole event.

Yet, one of the most important commitments is the wedding venue, and this typically has to be one of the first things decided on, as many reception halls are rented months (even years) in advance.

A wedding reception venue can really set the stage for the whole event, so if you are having trouble deciding on one, consider these guidelines. Then, get your dream spot booked because they often go fast!

Where is the Wedding Occurring?

Researching your venue options online is always a good bet, but first you need to know where it is going to occur. It isn’t uncommon for wedding to occur in the bride’s hometown, but many couples are finding themselves changing things up. If your dream wedding is on a beach, go for it! Just be sure to make a final decision before researching your wedding reception venue options. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting time.

What is Your Guest Count?

If you have a destination wedding with only immediate family, then you will not need a big banquet hall for festivities afterward. Or, if this is the route you take, you might consider a banquet hall rental for a separate reception back in your hometown after the actual wedding has taken place.

On this same note, if your guest count in the 300 – 500 range, then you’ll need to rent a bigger space, as well as consider catering options, table rentals, entertainment, transportation, and more.

What’s a Priority?

Most weddings have a pretty strict budget, so consider what you must have and what you could live without. This will make it easier to finalize things, and it ensures you don’t spend more money than you were planning on. Make a list and go from there. You’ll be much more organized, and you won’t miss out on those one or two features you absolutely love.

Do not Rush Into Anything

Getting your ideal wedding reception venue booked is a priority if you want to get married on a particular date or in a specific month, but that does not mean you have to rush into anything. If you are on the fence about a certain location, or if you aren’t quite ready to commit, don’t feel bad giving yourself some time to step back and really assess the situation. This is your day, so you should feel good about every decision you are making.

Work With Someone you Trust

Here at Renaissance, we are all about promoting that tight-knit family feel, and we know how important one’s wedding day is. That’s why, when you rely on us, you do not need to stress about unreasonable prices or complicated contracts. We’ll figure out what you like, what you don’t like, and what would work with your budget, so you can get everything you want and more from your special moment.

Ready to get started? We are, too. Talk with us about our wedding packages today.