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Lace, Satin and Tulle, Oh My: Choosing the Gown


So, they’ve put a ring on it. The date is set. Your beautiful ballroom is booked for your dream wedding. Ladies… it’s dress time. Weddings have changed a great deal over the years. Mostly gone are strict rules about what can or cannot be worn. Roughly 35% of all weddings now take place outdoors. Most brides take about seven months to a year to plan their wedding. And the selection of wedding gowns has never been greater or more fun. Every year about 2.4 million weddings are performed in the United States. But every wedding is not yours, so let’s help get you ready to pick your perfect wedding day look.

The Two-Dress Affair. More and more brides are choosing to make a veritable mini collection event out of their wedding attire, with a formal gown for the ceremony and – costume change! – a sparkler or mini for the reception. If you’re going to go this route, let your event venue know in advance to ensure you have the logistics worked out for when and where you will change between the ceremony and reception. You’re going to need to slip away discreetly after the ceremony and make a seamless – and grand – return to the reception, so an indoor wedding venue would likely be best. Ask about having a dedicated room nearby that’s stocked with your next look and accessories, hair and makeup touchup kits, bottles of water, tissues for any lingering tears of joy, and any medications you may need. Safety first.

The Meghan Markle Effect. You may not be marrying a Windsor, but you are marrying your prince or princess and we’ve not seen an impact on wedding fashion the likes of Meghan’s since Diana. If you choose to channel the Duchess of Sussex, look for a simple boatneck ceremony gown with long sleeves, made of a thick satin reminiscent of cake fondant. A play on the open-back halter reception gown would work nicely for either your ceremony or reception. If tiaras are your taste, you may wish to keep it simple and choose a style that works seamlessly with your veil and hairstyle, and fits well so it does not feel heavy or cause a headache.

The Beachy Boho Bride. Miami is a great location for a beachy-vibed wedding event. Breezy boho beauties will want to seek out low maintenance looks and consider an outdoor wedding venue. Fuss-free dresses, loose waves or an artfully mussed plait, and a Glossier-esque natural no-makeup look would work well. Pulling off this look is all about having the authentic personality to match it. Flat sandals and a daisy tucked behind your ear are sure to charm your betrothed.

These are just a few of a myriad of possibilities. Consult magazines, your favorite Pinterest boards, and your bridal party, but above all else, consult you and yours and go with options that reflect your individual bond and will produce timeless pictures that you will cherish.