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It May Not Sound Romantic To Get Married In A Gas Station, But Wait Until Your Hear This Couple’s Reason

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banquet hallAmerican spend $72 billion on their weddings annually. It should not come as a surprise that more couples are willing to depart from tradition — and truly make their ceremonies and receptions their own. One way that they are doing that is by choosing increasingly creative places to say their vows and/or to celebrate with friends and family. What are some of the most surprising and often best wedding places?

When A Gas Station Spells Romance
It may not sound romantic to get married in a gas station, but just you wait. One Greek couple was so determined to get married and to share their love with friends and family, they tied the knot in a gas station. The gas station was owned by the duo, and — in spite of their humble surroundings — everyone danced, drank, and partied the night away. A family member adds that financial troubles could not get in the way of their love, according to Bridal Guide.

Who Wants To Get Married In An Abandoned Insane Asylum?
After 25 years of marriage, one couple famously skipped renewing their vows in a traditional venue, such as a church or banquet hall. Where did they renew their vows instead? The couple chose one of the most unusual wedding venues yet: an abandoned mental hospital. “They told us 25 years ago that we were crazy, and here we are,” Alesia Conover explains.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
Most rock climbers are pretty passionate about the sport, and some brides and grooms even incorporate their love of climbing into their wedding plans. That’s exactly what happened 900 foot in the air, at the summit on South Peak of Seneca Rocks in West Virginia. The couple tied the knot on the top of the peak (instead of in a banquet hall), and the groom proposed in the very same location as well.

Banquet halls afford couples privacy, convenience, and a guaranteed time slot, which can be an advantage for many brides and grooms. Nevertheless, more couples are choosing to mark the end of their engagement (the average engagement lasts 16 months) with a reception in a truly spectacular — and unique — venues.