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You Won’t Believe Where These Couples Got Married

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Some wedding traditions never change. Nearly 20% of couples still ask guests to adhere to conventionally formal (or black tie) attire, and 70% of American brides still take their husband’s names following the wedding ceremony. Today’s brides and grooms-to-be, however, are mixing it up — and in some surprising ways. Newlyweds are more likely to celebrate in unusual wedding venues. What are some of the craziest wedding venues yet?

True Story — One Couple Tied The Knot In a Gas Station
The best wedding places is a pretty loose term — and can mean very different things to different people. One couple in Greece, for example, celebrated their big day in a gas station, according to Bridal Guide. “To cut costs, Anna and Christos Karalis held their reception at the station owned by the groom, where they danced the night away with their friends and family,” Bridal Guide writes. One family member explains that financial troubles did not get in the way of love, dancing, and festivities.

Make It Memorable: Climb a 900 Foot Summit For Your Wedding
One of the most unique wedding places was on top of a 900 foot summit. One memorable couple said their vows on the South Peak of Seneca Rocks in West Virginia. “Seneca Rocks is our absolute favorite place in the whole world,” the groom says. “It’s the perfect place to spend the weekend: breathtaking views, good-hearted people, fantastic climbing, and no cell phone reception.” The groom proposed on the mountain as well.

Where The Truly Crazy Go To Marry
Americans are getting increasingly creative with wedding plans and receptions. In fact, Alesia and Rob Conover renewed their marriage vows after 25 years — in an abandoned mental hospital. Why an abandoned insane asylum? “They told us 25 years ago that we were crazy, and here we are,” Alesia comments.

At least 25% of brides and grooms opt to throw themed weddings, and some take creativity to even greater extremes. The best wedding places can be traditional or decidedly unusual; it’s up to the couple on their special day.