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Intimate Affair or Big Family Wedding

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Planning a wedding may be the biggest project you have ever tried to accomplish. And there are loads of details from who to invite, to planning a menu and selecting a band. The details can be overwhelming. But before you start your plan, there is one question you have to ask yourself. Should I have a small, intimate affair or a large family wedding?

Advantages to a Small, Intimate Wedding

Planning a small wedding offers a lot of advantages. Your budget can be lower than a large affair. However, you may decide that you can spend much more per person with an intimate wedding because the total spent is much less than a large affair. Instead of a large wedding, you can spend more on your honeymoon and visit somewhere that is a dream vacation spot. With a small wedding, you can allow everyone to order off of a menu or create a menu for each guest. You can fit your party in more party spots both indoors and outdoors. And you can still have your most beloved friends and family members attend. You can plan a destination wedding or a creative theme wedding for your small party. You and your new spouse can have more private time. There are so many advantages when planning a smaller wedding, but really only one disadvantage – not being able to invite everyone you love to share it with you.

Advantages to a Big Family Wedding

While a larger wedding affair necessitates a larger budget, you are able to invite everyone you love to share it with you and your spouse. Large weddings mean that you can select more food items for the buffet, or plan a lovely sit-down dinner. Your theme wedding can be spread across several events including a rehearsal dinner and morning brunch. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are a matching set that add your color theme to your affair. And like a majority of big weddings, you can have community participation whether that is baking cookies for everyone or participating in the celebration afterward.