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Should You Have Assigned Seating at Your Reception?

Many people are familiar with the concept of assigned seating at wedding receptions and other similar events. However, is it really worth the painstaking process of deciding who will sit where at your reception or is it better to simply let them choose who they will sit with? Learn more about the pros and cons of using a seating arrangement for your big day.


If you’re someone who likes everything to go as smoothly and organized as possible, a seating arrangement may be the best choice for you. There’s no scrambling to find a seat at the wedding reception. Everyone knows exactly where they’re supposed to be, helping your reception move along more easily and quickly.

An Added Stress

It’s important to reduce the amount of stress you experience as much as possible. There are certain aspects of your wedding that will be stressful, no matter what you do. However, there are elements you can eliminate to help keep those stress levels down. Creating a seating arrangement is one of them. If you aren’t committed to the idea, consider scrapping the arranged seating rather than stressing out over who will get along with whom and which people should be seated together or across the room from each other.

A More Formal Atmosphere

When you arrange who will sit where at your reception, you create a more formal atmosphere. This makes seating arrangements a great option for those who want a formal wedding experience. However, for those who prefer to keep things more casual, it’s best to let your guests decide where they will sit.

No Scrambling at the Last Minute

Sometimes unexpected guests show up at your wedding. If this happens and you have a seating arrangement in place, you or someone you trust needs to be responsible for figuring out where those guests will sit. This can make your day more chaotic and can even make things more stressful, ruining your experience.