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Benefits of Destination Weddings

The movie Father of the Bride starring Steve Martin is a humorous, exaggerated depiction of the stress and extreme costs involved in planning a wedding. Thankfully, by opting for a destination wedding instead of a traditional wedding close to home, you can enjoy this special time with much less stress. Read on to learn more benefits of choosing a destination wedding:

They Often Have Built-in Honeymoons

While your honeymoon won’t be free, by choosing a destination wedding such as Miami, Florida, you are already in location for a phenomenal honeymoon. Simply say goodbye to your guests after the “I do’s” have been exchanged and begin your honeymoon in your own personal paradise.

It Helps You Avoid Family Drama

Another benefit of choosing a destination wedding over a traditional style is the fact that it can save hurt feelings. For instance, your family wants you to wed in Grandma’s church where you were baptized as an infant, but your husband-to-be’s family from out-of-state would prefer an outdoor, casual affair similar to what they did thirty years prior. In this situation, you are guaranteed to hurt someone’s feelings. With a destination wedding, you create your own tradition and don’t hurt anyone’s feelings by going a different route.

They Are Actually Cost Effective

When you choose a destination wedding, you can benefit from a package deal. For example, you might get a cake, photographer, band, reception area, etc. all for one cost. When compared to the way weddings are typically planned, you can actually save money by going the destination route.

You Don’t Have to Include Everyone

A traditional wedding requires you adhere to many expectations, including who you invite. Conversely, since a destination wedding means your guests travel, sometimes many states away, you can easily cut your guest list down to just the people who you love the most.

Destination weddings are beneficial for many reasons, just a few of which are listed above.