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Wedding Music Woes: Deciding Between a Live Band or a Deejay

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There’s no denying that the big day just wouldn’t be complete without a reception replete with music and dancing. But how does one decide between hiring live performers or a deejay to provide the heart and soul of a loving union? Here are some tips for making this major ‘big day’ decision.

Can You Rule One Out Right Away?

Perhaps, the answer is right before your eyes once you consider a few questions. Are you limited on space? A multiple member band might not be feasible. Are you on a budget? A DJ might be more affordable (but not always). Does your venue have set rules on performers? There may be restrictions limiting your choices. If your options are wide open, here are the potential pros and cons of these wedding ‘music makers’.

Hiring a Band for Your Wedding: The Pros and Cons

Pros: Those seeking a lively ambiance that really packs a punch, may find that live performers offer a more impactful atmosphere than even the most affable DJ. Certain genres including classical and jazz are typically best delivered by in-person musicians. Overall, brides and grooms seeking to stick with a ‘style’ should seriously consider hiring a band that specializes in that category.

Cons: You might be limited to certain songs according to the band’s abilities, so if you want to hear certain songs and music exactly as they are done by the artists themselves, a deejay might be best. Be sure that the wedding reception event space can accommodate the band you choose without breaking any set regulations.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Wedding DJ

Pros: A true artisan of their craft will be charismatic and have a knack for getting guests on the dance floor and engaged in the celebration. They will have a massive repertoire that will please any crowd, and the songs will be true to their original artists every time. Deejays are often more affordable than live musicians, which can be great for the budget.

Cons: About the only way a DJ can go wrong is to have a poor personality or be having an ‘off night’ during your event. Try to catch them at another event or view videos to see if they are a good fit before retaining their services.

Let Renaissance Help You Choose

Renaissance Event Venues in Miami is a premier wedding space, and our professional event planners can help you arrange the reception you’re dreaming of. Contact our event specialists online or call us at 305-901-0904 or 305-432-9363 for more information.