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Incredible Anniversary Party Themes

wedding anniversary party

The day you were married is a day you will not forget, and a day you wish to honor for years to come. Every wedding anniversary, you and your spouse make plans for this day to be extra special for both of you. Maybe you want to do something a little different one year, and it includes all your friends and family in a Miami banquet hall. These are the themes you should look at for your anniversary party.

​Traditional Themes 

​Every wedding anniversary year has a special theme or gift depending on the year. For example, the 15th wedding anniversary gift is crystal. There are also anniversary flowers such as daffodils for the 10th anniversary. For your party, research the year you are celebrating and create a theme around this specific year. 

A Trip in Time
Think back to all the years you two have been together. Combine all of your shared memories into one extravagant event. Customize your menu with food you ate on your first date or at your actual wedding. Fill your Miami banquet hall with momentous and stories you want to share with all your loved ones.

​Favorite Pastime
You two have something special in common. Whether you both love to read, play golf, or watch movies, you and your partner have a hobby you two like to do together. This theme is pretty simple. Take what hobby you both enjoy and make it the theme of your whole party.

​Vow Renewal
This theme is perfect for every couple. After this past year, many couples were unable to have the big wedding they originally planned. A wedding anniversary party with a vow renewal is a great way to have the big wedding you want with all your friends and family present. For couples who have been together for many years, they can reaffirm their love and commitment to one another.