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Switching Up Tradition Wedding Roles

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Traditions come and go in all aspects of life. Weddings hold many long-standing traditions still present to this day. Over the past couple of years, couples are beginning to put a modern spin into their wedding. These changes have revolutionized how couples organize their wedding day, and even modified seating  at their Miami wedding venue. The more noticeable adjustments have been in the wedding roles.

A Ring Bearer with a Twist
​The ring bearer is a young boy who brings the wedding bands to the maid of honor and the best man at the beginning of the ceremony. Couples often select a young family member to take on this important role. Recently, couples have been putting a twist in who carries the rings down the aisle. Some are choosing their pet to be the ring bearer. The pet taking on this role started because of no children attending the wedding. Another alteration is selecting a young girl instead of a boy to do this role. 

The New Flower Girl
​The flower girl’s job is to sprinkle flower petals down the aisle before the bride makes her debut. Similarly to the ring bearer, the couple tends to pick a young member of one of their families to fill in for this job. While there are couples who do select a pet instead of a human for their flower girl, other couples are going a different route. These couples are choosing one of the groomsmen to be the flower girl at their wedding. A groomsman being the flower girl is a refreshing take on a traditional role and creates a comedic presence when the groomsman really enjoys his job. After the wedding, it will be quite the story the couple will share about their special day at their Miami wedding venue. 

Mixing the Bridal Party
​Usually, the bridesmaids and groomsmen are separate parties within the overall wedding party. However, there are couples whose friend groups mix together. Plenty of grooms have female friends and brides have male friends. Rather than separating the bridal party, the bride and groom decide to mix them together. On both sides of the bride and groom will be an even combination of men and women. This allows the couple to include all of their friends together in one big bridal party.