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How to Incorporate Fragrances for a Scent-Sational Wedding

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One of the latest bridal trends of 2018 is “scentscaping,” which is the practice of using fragrance design as part of a wedding event. Through incorporating flowers, perfumes, and other sweet-smelling items, some couples hope to make their ceremony stand out.

Though pleasing the guests’ noses may seem like a silly endeavor, studies actually show that one’s sense of smell is incredibly important for constructing memories. In other words, a wedding that smells wonderful might actually be more memorable.

If you want to explore this intriguing wedding trend, use the following tips for a scent-sational wedding day.


Create a Signature Smell

About 40% of newlyweds-to-be are looking for unusual venues and ceremonies that better reflect their personality. Much like you’d choose your bouquet flowers or cake flavor, you can choose which scents will best represent your marriage. For a holiday wedding, try including potpourri in the table centerpieces. For a summery celebration, use citrus spritz for a bright and memorable smell. You can even head to a perfume or candle store to blend a unique scent to surround your special day in a one-of-a-kind fragrance.


Wear a Wedding-Only Perfume

As previously mentioned, scent has a unique connection to memory. You can intentionally build this connection by surrounding yourself with specific smells during your engagement and wedding preparations. Put on a dab of your favorite perfume, or light the same candle every time you choose wedding invitations, go cake shopping, and of course, during the big day. In later years, you’ll associate that smell with the happy feelings and memories of getting married.


Include Scent Surprises

Scenting your wedding doesn’t have to be limited to candles and flowers. You can include scented surprises to delight your guests. For example, try dried flower petals in your invitation envelopes. Or, let guests take home the scent with a sprig of lavender tied to their party favors. Sometimes, the smallest details can have the biggest impact. Just be sure to not go overboard to get the scent “on the nose” throughout your celebration!


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