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Four Fun Mock-tails to Serve for a Sweet 16

Sweet 16

When you host a Sweet 16 party, finding just the right decorations, theme, banquet hall or other rental facility and food can be a challenge. However, don’t forget about the drinks! At this age, teens want to feel grown up and drink something more fun than a soda when going to a party, but obviously there will be no alcohol! We’ve put together a few fun “mocktails” that may fit the bill perfectly.

  • Shirley Temple – This is the “go to” mocktail, and for good reason–it’s delicious! Add a generous splash of grenadine to ginger ale. Serve over ice and add lots of cherries. This is fast, fun and very flexible. Choose a cola-based soda and make it into a Roy Rogers instead.
  • Cranberry Fizzler – This one takes a bit more work, but can be made in a batch ahead of time in a larger quantity if you like. Combine 1.5 cups cranberry juice with a half cup of seltzer and 3 scoops of your favorite sherbert. The recipe makes enough for two.
  • Spritzy Mint Lemonade – Mix frozen lemon juice concentrate with seltzer instead of plain water and garnish with a sprig of mint for an easy and fun drink everyone will love.
  • Atomic Cat – Mix equal parts orange juice and your favorite flavored seltzer and serve over crushed or cracked ice. This drink is a bit “less sweet” but can be adjusted by adding grenadine for those who desire.

In addition to working for a Sweet 16, these drinks may also be a good choice for a baby shower or a non-alcoholic wedding. Hopefully, these drinks will pair perfectly with your food choices and help you throw a party that the guest of honor and all his or her friends never forget!