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How to Set Up a Wedding Seating Chart

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Creating a seating chart is one of the many tasks in wedding planning. After the couple books their Miami wedding venue, they usually plan their seating chart either at the earliest moment possible or at the last second. The seating chart is a critical part of the wedding, and can even be what makes a wedding a success. These are some tips on how to set up a wedding seating chart.

​Better Plan Earlier than Later
Before picking the venue, the couple should have already created a guest list that gave them an idea of how big their wedding was going to be. Now that the wedding venue is booked, take that list and get started on the planning. Think of sizing of the tables, mark down anyone who has not confirmed the invite, and make a note of any guest with a plus one.

​Spread Out and Organize
Write down the names of all the guests on small slips of paper, including the plus ones. Create a layout of the tables and how many guests can fit at each one. Begin with setting up the wedding party: parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. Once the wedding party is marked off, move on to the rest of the tables. A tip for organizing the tables is to place children close to one another. This tip also works for putting people together who have not seen each other since the last wedding.

​Easing Any Conflict
At any family gathering, there is a chance for conflict and tension. There may be two relatives who can never get along and cannot tolerate being near one another. A few couples may already know which relatives will be placed at opposite sides of the Miami wedding venue, but there are those who may be out of the loop with some family drama. Speak with parents and other close family members on who may create unnecessary tension. Make a note on this then apply information accordingly to the seating chart.