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Something New: Other Desserts for that Special Day

Miami wedding package

Couples want to add their own personal touch to their wedding day coming up. What is one way they can do this? By updating a long-standing wedding tradition. The wedding cake has always been a custom dessert at the reception, but modern couples are pushing this aside and making room for more unique, sweet choices. For couples wanting to mix up a wedding classic, these are some tasty desserts you will be sure to include in your Miami wedding package.

They are easy and taste amazing! No one can go wrong with donuts as a wedding dessert. Donuts come in a variety of sizes and flavors. Making them perfect for your guests portion their dessert however they wish. You can also add in customizable icing to match the wedding theme.

Who does not love candy? Not just one type of candy, but a whole assortment presented in a lovely display for all the guests to pick which candy they want to enjoy during the reception. Be sure to include some cute to-go bags for guests to carry the candy around as they continue to celebrate such a joyous occasion.

If you want to place a personal design on a dessert, then cookies are the sweet answer. Cookies have grown in popularity at weddings because couples can design them to any shape, color, and flavor. There were a few weddings where couples printed pictures onto the icing. They are a cute, simple, and elegant dessert you will rush to have in your Miami wedding package.

​Ice Cream
The heat in Miami can rise quickly when you are planning a wedding. Cool down the reception with a scoop or two of ice cream. Similar to the candy bar, you can offer an assortment of options for all your guests. Your guests will never get enough of the lavish toppings and ice cream at the reception.