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How to Decide Between a Large or Intimate Wedding

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It’s time to plan a wedding, and the first question you and your partner need to answer is big or small. This is the most vital wedding planning question you’ll ask because it will inform every other decision you make about your big day. Let’s look at a few clues to help you figure out if you want a big bash or a small intimate affair.

Big Wedding Benefits

To help you decide, it can be useful to look at some of the benefits of a big wedding. The most obvious benefit is that there are bigger limits on guests. If you just hate the idea of not inviting anyone, then you should plan for a bigger event that can accommodate all the people.

Another benefit is that big weddings almost always promise party vibes. If you want your special day to turn into a party bash that goes all night, you want guests there. The more people you invite the bigger the energy will feel and for a lot of couples that’s really important.

There will also be more people to help you. When you strictly limit your guest list, you are also strictly limiting people who would be willing to pitch in with the planning, set up, clean up, and all kinds of other little tasks.

Benefits of a Small Wedding

Smaller weddings may not be as grand as bigger events, but there are some distinct advantages to planning a more intimate wedding. One reason many people choose a small wedding is because they want to be able to spend more time with just their few favorite people. A big wedding tends to get very exciting, confusing, and time-consuming. There usually isn’t a lot of time to really sit down with guests and enjoy their company. With a smaller wedding, though, you can definitely do this. A wedding planner can help you design local weddings.

The wedding planning for a small wedding is also way easier. When there is just less going on there is less to plan. The fewer people that are there the less you need to do to accommodate. So, if you’re feeling a little intimidated by the idea of planning a wedding already, you might want to go for a smaller event. According to the wedding experts at The Know, the average percentage of wedding guests that show up is between 70% and 85%, so keep this in mind when making the invite list even for a small wedding.

These are just a few things to consider when deciding what kind of wedding you’ll plan. If you’re looking for professionals to help you with local weddings, please contact us today. We are here to help you with your special day.