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4 Ideas to Personalize Your Wedding Venue

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Weddings are one of the days you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Today, more people want to customize their wedding to make it more personable. According to PR Newswire, about 40% of brides and grooms-to-be seek unusual venues that reflect their personality better. However, there’s more to customization than finding the best local wedding venues. Check out these tips and tricks to make your wedding one of a kind.

1. Custom Signage

Incorporate custom signs to help people find different sections, food, or restrooms. These signs should be customized to coordinate flawlessly with your wedding theme. Consider hiring a local artist to make signs on large canvases. A local painter can create a custom backdrop for the signs to make them stand out.

2. Elegant Monograms

Personalize the decor at your local wedding venue with sophisticated monograms. Include the first letter of the bride and groom’s name in a smaller font and the first letter of the last name in a larger font for a classic look. Monograms can be placed on napkins, table runners, customized signs, and more. Opt for a metallic monogram in a cursive font to add a sophisticated touch to your wedding, or go with a fun font for a casual wedding.

3. DIY Personalization

Doing a few things yourself is a great way to ensure your wedding is unique. The best local wedding venues offer party favors and centerpieces, but you can jazz them up to ensure they represent your personality. DIY centerpieces like mini fishbowls or candle gardens are always a hit. Include more personalized favors for wedding guests if you have a small list. Consider a few DIY decorations or customized artwork as decor.

4. Unique Food Options

The best local wedding venues have plenty of food options available. However, you can add a splash of your personality to the menu. Ask wedding venues if you can have other catering services besides theirs. Consider a Renaissance ballroom with some traditional Renaissance foods. If you’re looking to add something else, an ice cream sundae bar is always a hit, and breakfast bars are great for morning weddings. Consider beverages too — everyone loves customizing drinks.

We understand you want a unique wedding at one of the best local venues. Our services encompass everything you need, but our staff will work with you to help you add the personal touches that make your wedding unique. Contact Renaissance Event Venues today to learn more.