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What Is the Best Month To Plan a Wedding in Miami?

infographic: June accounts for 15% of wedding ceremonies

Whether you’re planning a romantic beach wedding, a church ceremony, or are planning Wedding in Miami, you want everything to be perfect on your big day.

Miami is a beautiful wedding destination and the weather can be absolutely gorgeous. But of course, few day can be perfect, and no one wants their perfect wedding plans to be ruined by pouring rain. Since most wedding parties would want to take photos outside in the sunshine, you may be wondering when the best time of year is to plan a wedding in Miami.

Believe it or not, winter may be your best bet for a Miami wedding. The most popular month for weddings is June, accounting for 15% of ceremonies overall. But from late spring to early fall, Miami is much more humid than the rest of the country and gets a higher amount of rainfall.

In December, Miami’s maximum daily temperature lies somewhere between 76 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which will keep guests comfortable. Between December and February, the city sees about six to nine days of rain. All at once, that seems like quite a lot, but over the course of two months, this is actually a much lower rain expectancy that Miami sees throughout the rest of the year.

In the winter, Miami can expect about six hours of sunshine, which is much more than many areas of the country receive. For your friends and family members coming from out of town, Miami may top their list of best destination wedding places.

Not only will the weather be perfect, you’ll likely be able to book your wedding much more easily. Off-peak weddings are risky in many areas of the country, but with perfect weather and few other weddings to plan around, a Miami destination wedding is a great choice when planning the big day!

Let’s analyze it month by month


This is the coldest month of the year with winter at its peak in Miami with temperatures at an average of  59.9°F to 76.4°F. January is a pleasant time to enjoy weddings as the rain gods have gone on holiday break. With the almost absent rain and low humidity, it is more than suitable for a beautiful wedding in a lovely place. You will not regret having a wedding in the winter since heat exhaustion is a real thing. You won’t have to worry about melted wedding cakes, humidity ravaged hair, or the gallons of sweat for the poor guys wearing suits.


This is the second coldest month of the year with an average of low temperatures of 62.3°F.  February is a great time to celebrate your wedding when it comes to weather since you can always add layers to fight the cold during this month- while in the hotter months- you can’t exactly take off your clothes. There is no need to stress or worry about being hot or sweaty for your wedding photos since these days are delightful with the warmth touching an average of 78.1°F resulting in almost perfect weather conditions with clear skies.

Wedding Cake


This is a transitional month to the spring and an excellent time for weddings. Think spring décor! Blooming cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, and pretty pastels.

This month is deprived of rain and cold fronts, and the abundant sunshine with an average temperature of 75°F makes it the perfect time to be in Miami. Take advantage of having the best of both worlds with an outdoor/indoor wedding and now that spring has sprung, make fruity cocktails like margaritas and cosmos the top of the drinks list.

Bride and bridesmaid sitting on a bench with spring decor during a Wedding in Miami


Do you love nature and beauty? If so, then a spring wedding date is perfect for you! Weddings are beautiful in all seasons, but especially in the spring.

Consider all kinds of flowers starting to bloom, the greenery of trees and grass reemerging, and the perfect romantic backdrop for your wedding photos.

The month of April sees the gradual progress of spring with the lowest humidity of the year at 67%. With only five rainy days in the month, it warms the days steadily to 83°F. With that being said, consider an April wedding if you love perennials, natural greenery for your rustic theme, and beautiful pastel colors.

Bride and groom hugging on a field full of yellow flowersMay:

This month marks the steady transition from spring to summer so it is warm and a little wet, but hardly worth any significant concerns.

The average temperatures range from a low of 72.9°F to a high of 87°F. Take advantage of a potential May wedding since its less likely to clash with other weddings during that season, your guests won’t have wedding fatigue (they’ll have new outfits, more money and be more excited), and you will still have all the spring flowers out- from daffodils and bluebells to rhododendrons! Get the excitement of being one of the first of your friends to have a summer wedding that year- meaning no competition to beat last weekends ceremony.

Back of three bride-maids holding bouquetsJune, July, August:

Getting married during these summer months can offer some perks! Since it is so slow during the off season, you are more likely to find your top vendors even if you are planning your wedding last minute.

You may also find that some vendors are more willing to work with your budget and can be a little more flexible in their offerings than during peak wedding dates- use this to your advantage!

bride and groom during a fall wedding behind threes


For brides who love fall, September is the month when the colors of the season are just beginning to emerge and the weather is cooler and more ideal for a wedding reception.

Although you might not have tons of color just yet, you and your photographer can find one bush or tree with some fall color and you’ll love the result- remember that a little can go a long way! Plan your special day to reflect the season and talk to your vendors about creative ways to incorporate the rich colors of the season in your florals and overall decorations.

Close up of groom hands next to bride hands holding a bouquet of flowers

In October you can typically count on cooler temperatures with the lows at a comfortable 73.5°F and less direct sunlight, (which is ideal for guest comfort) If you want a fall wedding, consider incorporating fall flowers such as colorful dahlias, marigolds, lilies, or even leaves into your bouquet or centerpieces.

When you incorporate the changing leaves of fall foliage into your arrangement, it will give it much more interest than simply regular green leaves and make your ceremony stand out that much more!


This month is a great time for brides and grooms who are looking to have a beach wedding in Miami. One of the many reasons is because November’s weather is amazing- the humidity is way down and it starts cooling off quickly with the average highs dropping to 81°F.

On the beach, the weather is so beautiful and the sunsets are just as amazing since there is no haze in the air making it a pretty spectacular event for pictures, views, and celebrating! The brides all look beautiful on the beach in front of the sunset and will appreciate the striking scenery that comes with having a beach wedding.


This month, as we all know is known to be “the most wonderful time of the year!” The temperatures drop to an average of 63°F and daily highs are around 78°F. Consider a December weather if you do not want to deal with the heat of summer and are looking to dress up and wear something sparkly and elegant.

You won’t have to worry about running makeup or sweat stains since December weddings avoid the heat. If you love endless and easy options for decor you can easily go with holiday-inspired decor like wreaths, trees, or evergreen boughs. In the December season, your options are decidedly holiday so run with it!

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