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How to Budget for Your Upcoming Wedding

wedding cost

As wedding costs continue to rise, budgeting and setting spending limits for your wedding matters. It’s a special time for you and your spouse to remember, so ensure everything goes to plan. Here are some wedding budget tips to consider.

1. Determine Your Total Wedding Budget

Before you can plan your wedding budget, you need to decide on the total amount of money you’re willing to spend for your wedding. Set realistic expectations and be sure it’s something you and your partner agree on. This general view will help keep wedding costs in line with your expectations and prevent any potential wedding budgeting issues later.

2. Estimate Your Costs

Once you’ve set a wedding budget, it’s time to start estimating wedding costs for each item, such as the dress, venue, catering, etc. You can find average wedding prices online, but it’s best to talk to wedding vendors directly and get quotes. It’ll give you an idea of what wedding services cost in your area and allow you to adjust your wedding budget accordingly.

3. Incidental Items

When budgeting for a wedding, incidental items can add up, like transportation, bridal showers, or bridesmaid gifts. Check wedding spending trends, such as the rise of wedding cocktail hour costs to 76% from 69% in 2010, according to Cision. These hidden wedding costs should be factored into your wedding budget.

4. Save Money Where Possible

With wedding planning, there are many ways to save money. You can cut wedding costs by having a wedding during the off-season or reusing wedding decorations from another wedding. Also, look for wedding vendors that offer discounts or promotions and always ask if they have any special packages available.

5. Track Your Spending

Once wedding planning begins, monitor your wedding cost. Track all wedding expenditures and compare them with your wedding budget. It’ll help ensure you don’t go over budget and stay on top of wedding spending. Use tools like Quickbooks, an excel sheet, or wedding budget apps to help with tracking.

By understanding your wedding cost and researching accordingly, you can plan a wedding that fits your budget. Every wedding is unique. With careful planning and wedding budget management, it’s possible to have the wedding of your dreams without overspending. Contact our local wedding planning team today for a consultation.