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Which Month Should You Get Married?

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Getting married is a big step for most people, so every detail of the wedding should be planned carefully. One of the biggest decisions is when the wedding should take place. Depending on the wedding reception venue and budget, it might be difficult to narrow down which month fits best. Read on below for more insight about deciding on a month.

1. June

According to our sources, June is the most popular wedding month, accounting for about 15% of all weddings. It’s no surprise, as the days are longer and warmer, making it a wedding-friendly time of year. Many wedding venues offer discounts in June due to its popularity, although couples should also be aware that other couples may have already booked their wedding receptions at similar venues.

2. September

September is also a popular wedding month, as the warm weather lingers into late summer and early fall. It’s also considered a “shoulder” wedding season, which can mean more savings on wedding venues and vendors. Along with June, many wedding receptions are being booked at similar venues, so it would be wise to plan for September.

3. December

December is becoming increasingly popular as a wedding month due to its holiday season ambiance. A wedding in December usually means a festive atmosphere, and decorations are already in place at wedding venues. It can be less costly than having to rent additional wedding decor. Additionally, wedding vendors may offer discounts during the off-season.

4. Off-Season Months

Other months may be suitable for wedding receptions, such as February or March. These months are known as “off-season” and can often bring lower prices for wedding packages. However, wedding venues may book up quickly due to the popularity of these months. Additionally, outdoor wedding receptions are more challenging during these months because of the chances of inclement weather.

Overall, there is no right or wrong answer as to which month is best for walking down the aisle. It all comes down to preference, wedding reception venue availability, and budget. Ultimately, wedding planning should be a fun time, so take the time to consider all of your options. As you plan your wedding, you want to pick the best location to say your vows. Contact Renaissance Miami today to learn how we can host your special day to perfection.