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How Short Notice Can You Plan a Wedding?

Most experts agree that you should allow one year to plan for your wedding. The longer the planning period, the longer you can spread out the expenses of your big day. However, for many couples, waiting a year is not ideal. According to a study, about 82% of couples say that the COVID-19 pandemic made them want to get married more than before the pandemic. How soon can you get married after an engagement?

Technically There is No Time Limit

While many couples would say that more is better when it comes to planning your ceremony and breaking up the overall wedding costs, there is no hard line about how short or how long your planning period is. However, you should consider certain things when you are deciding how much time you will need to plan your ceremony.

Wedding costs are usually at the top of the list. Can you afford to book the venue, hire a caterer, and hire all the other vendors in one fell swoop? Budget is a factor for most couples, but if budget is not a concern, there are still important considerations to make.

How Much Advance Time Do Your Guests Need?

Even if you are planning a small reception, your guests will need some advance notice to celebrate with you. Will a week or two be enough notice? You could plan a wedding in a few weeks, but will that be enough time for your guests to attend?

Do you plan to have a bridal party? Will your bridal party have enough time to secure wedding attire? Do your guests or bridal party need to travel? Considering how your short-notice ceremony will affect your guests is crucial in this instance.

You May Need to Cut Some Activities

Short suspense planning can mean cutting some of the typical marital rituals out. For example, if you’re planning a wedding 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) from now, you may have to forgo a bridal shower, and a bachelor and bachelorette party. You may have to make a choice about which events are most important to you and your partner.

The absolute first thing you need to do to plan a wedding with a short amount of planning time is to secure your venue. If you’re looking for a luxury ballroom space for your special day, contact Renaissance Miami today! We’d be more than happy to host you and your loved ones.