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How Can Getting Married on Sunday Save You Money? Three Tips

Bride looking down at her bouquet of flowers.

The most expensive wedding ever took place in May of 1981 between Sheik Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum’s son, and Princess Salama. Taking place in Dubai, the wedding cost an incredible $44 million. That must have been some good cake!

Luckily, it’s possible to plan the perfect day without going millions of dollars into debt. The price of a wedding can quickly add up, but if you keep a few useful tips in mind, it will be possible to have a great day, and a happy wallet as well.

1. Getting Creative with the Date Can Save a Bundle

Did you know that scheduling your wedding for a non-peak month can save you up to 30% on the final price? Saturday is the top choice for wedding days, and usually the most expensive- why not walk down the aisle on Sunday instead? Summer is typically the most popular time for a wedding, while January through March tend to see fewer brides, giving you lower costs for venue rentals during that time. Forbes estimates that shuffling around your date can ultimately save you up to $3,500. The Knot recommends keeping track of seasonal sales, too — what better time to pick up a cheap flower girl outfit, than right after Easter?

2. The Advantage of Wedding Packages

One way to cut down on price is to keep your wedding all in one place. There are many wedding locations that have an area for preparation, the ceremony, and the reception all in one. This will make it easier on your guests, and will give you more control over the event. Instead of multiple venues being responsible for your day, only one will be. You’ll also save money on the limo rides, which can easily add up to hundreds of dollars more, even for a short ride.

3. What do Wedding Planners Do?

Wedding planners help take care of the logistics and planning of a wedding. They can get you the flowers you want and the venue you need, at prices you can afford. The advantage of a wedding planner is their experience handling local weddings. They’ll know who to contact, where to get the lowest prices, and which businesses to avoid. A wedding planner will typically charge about 10% of the total cost of your wedding, so their assistance is probably less ideal for very small and simple weddings, but highly useful for coordinating and budgeting larger ones.

What’s on your wedding list? Let us know in the comments!