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Are Wedding Planners Worth the Cost? Three Tips for 2014

Wedding reception

How would you like to have a hen about to lay an egg, tied to your wedding bed? This might sound strange, but it is actually an old Irish custom intended to ensure fertility in the new marriage.

Today, weddings are often as much about the couple as they are about making sure the wedding guests enjoy themselves. An important component of most modern weddings is the reception. Looking for tips on how to plan your wedding in 2014? Here are three key trends and tips you should keep in mind.

1. Trendy Right Now: Playful Elegance

According to Alyssa Brown, a wedding planner who has worked for the likes of Seth Rogan, among others, an eclectic mix of elegant details and outdoor elements is big right now. Think: delicate chandeliers hanging from trees, and tree stumps doubling as coffee tables alongside gray satin covered stools. This trend can allow you to combine eclectic creativity with classic details.

2. Wedding Packages, Worth it for Wedding Receptions?

There are a few things weddings are known for. One is price, and another is stress. Getting packaged deals can help reduce the amount of run-around you need to do, while also saving you money by giving more business to one company. It’s also worth noting that for destination weddings, this can be a huge asset. Getting married in Florida, but live in New York? No problem; a wedding package can help you group your banquet hall, wedding venue, rentals, and food costs all into one bill, under the responsibility of one company.

3. What do Wedding Planners Do? Is it Worth the Cost?

On the fence about hiring a planner? The right choice for you will depend on the individual needs of your ceremony and celebration plans. However, there are a few advantages to a planner. Planners have extensive lists and contacts with wedding related companies in the local area. Instead of having to do hours of online research, you can instantly know the best reviewed cake baker that’s working at the most affordable price. The average cost of hiring a planner can vary widely, but you can typically expect a charge of between 10% and 20% of your overall budget.

What trends are you seeing at wedding receptions? Let us know in the comments!