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Party Favors Ideas for Valentine’s day Weddings

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Yes, a lot of people get married on Valentine’s Day; after all, it is the only day dedicated strictly to the emotion of love. However, that doesn’t mean that all Valentine’s Day weddings have to come from the same cookie cutter. There are many ways to make your wedding unique from all of the rest, and one of these ways is by giving out unordinary favors to your guests. But creativity isn’t enough; you also want to offer your loved ones something practical that won’t just get tossed in the trash as soon as they get home. Here are some party favors that meet these two requirements perfectly:

Personalized Writing Utensils

Whether it’s to write letters, reports, or shopping lists, everyone uses pens. That’s why they make the perfect take-home item for Valentine’s Day weddings. Choose a high-quality pen and have your names put on it. You can also add a brief “Thank you for making our day special!” to make it even more keepsake-worthy.

Custom Playing Cards

With so many options of gameplay in one tiny package, playing cards are a great gift to send home with your guests. You can either choose one of your engagement photos to put on the back of them or create an artistic design that incorporates your names and date of your wedding day.

Edible Goodness

Few things are more practical than those that can be consumed. To make a food item exclusively for your wedding, come up with your own label to wrap around it. Think up a creative saying to tie in with the contents of what you are wrapping, such as “Mint to Be” or “Nuts About Each Other.” From chocolate bars to water bottles to packs of cookies, there really is no limit to how many things you can transform into a memorable party favor with a simple piece of paper.