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Guidelines to Planning Your Wedding

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A wedding is probably the most significant event you’ll ever throw. Therefore you don’t want to go wrong planning on how to entertain yourself and your guests. Besides, you want the event to remain memorable. To make this happen, don’t miss on wedding trends 2019 to ensure your big day remains fashionable and up to date.

Nonetheless, planning for a wedding is complicated. Therefore, take your time and accomplish one item at a time. Here is step by step guideline to ease your wedding planning.

  1. Plan early: Whether you plan to perform your wedding in six or nine months, plan early to ensure you have sufficient time. In fact, 30% of weddings are take between seven to twelve months to be designed. Be ready to compromise on your ideas. For example, if you planned to have your wedding on your birthday and you find out all the venues are booked, be prepared to choose another date. Otherwise, you risk getting frustrated and overwhelmed. Also, you can check on the best apps for wedding planning.
  2. Stick to the budget: There is no need for throwing a huge wedding only to enter into marriage with enormous debt. Therefore stick to your budget, and if need be, cut on some cost. Donandrsquo;t strain yourself trying to entertain your guests. Your event can still be within the wedding trends 2019 offers but remain within the budget.
  3. Make a guest list: Planning for a wedding is overwhelming, and you might forget some details. One of the biggest priorities is to make sure you don’t leave out esteemed friends. Imagine the looks on your friends’ faces when you meet them after the wedding which you never invited them. Additionally, discuss with your partner on who to ask and who not to. Don’t invite an ex your partner is uncomfortable with.
  4. Choose a venue: Choosing a venue depends on your memories about the place and your personality. Therefore, picture your ideal perfect wedding. Depending on your guest list, select either an outdoor venue or indoor venue. Also, consider the time you plan to hold your wedding. It is important to note, 53% of weddings occur in the afternoon, 31% in the evening and 16% in the morning. If you plan for an evening party, choose an indoor event to ensure your guests are kept warm. Make sure your wedding fits within wedding trends 2019 whether you want the event to remain vintage or modern. When looking for a venue, don’t limit your sources. Check sites from social media, magazines, and adverts. Also, you can get inspiration from your favorite movies. Ensure you choose a venue that encourages memory retention and is convenient for both you and your guests.
  5. Choose the best bridesmaids and groomsmen: The early you choose your partying team, the sooner they start helping with the planning. The best bridesmaids and groomsmen spend their time and money on their attire. Therefore, be kind to them and make sure they know you appreciate them. Make sure they have the entire wedding plan so that they’re able to plan themselves. For example, if they need bachelorette attires beside the wedding day gowns, ensure they know about it.
  6. Hire wedding vendors: You need caterers. Sometimes catering services are booked fully for an entire year. Therefore, book your catering services as early as possible. Also, if you wish to have a band at your wedding, remember to book them early as well. You can also hire the whole package to make your wedding day successful as early as possible. It will ensure you have your dream wedding. Also, remember to hire a cake vendor and taste their samples.
  7. Send invites: Since you have a venue and a date, it time to send invites. Check against the guest list you prepared earlier to ensure you don’t leave out a guest. The invites should have the venue date and time.
  8. Shop for your wedding attire: Shopping for your wedding gown is exciting. Check from online vendors and local wedding attire shops and choose the best of what you like. Ensure it remains within your budget. Look out for dresses that fit the wedding trends 2019 has to offer. They should be simple and elegant.

If you follow the points above, planning for your dream wedding will be more comfortable. You don’t have to overthink it, Good luck!