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3 Essential Tips for a Magical Wedding

steps to planning a wedding

Similar to child rearing, it also takes a village to plan a wedding. The good news is that you will have a lot of time to finalize all of your wedding plans. It is usually a good idea to book the venue of your dream wedding at least one year prior to your big day. Not only can you spend this time establishing your wedding colors, but you can also confirm your guest list, organize food and beverages, and do so much more.

There are a few essential details you must lock down before you secure all of the fun aspects of your dream wedding and exchange vows. After you have narrowed your search to a few good wedding places and locations, book a beautiful ballroom and order catering services, then you can dive deep into all of the fun details involved with marrying the love of your life. Below are a few essential steps to planning a wedding :

Decide on the Best Wedding Location

Everyone has an image of where they will say, “I do” to the one they love. Why not commemorate this magical day by exchanging vows in a location of your dreams? Deciding on the best wedding location for your dream wedding may seem like a hard task to complete, but it is actually pretty simple. If you and your boo love spending time at the beach, it may be ideal to get married in a state that has sprawling beaches, like Florida. You will start to have a clearer image of what your big day will look like once you lock down the perfect location.

Book a Beautiful Ballroom

Now that you know the location of your wedding, you need to book a banquet hall or ballroom. You may want to consider booking a reception hall that hosts many entertainment options, such as DJ’s and orchestras. Additionally, it is always a good idea to read through the banquet hall rental agreement after you book your favorite ballroom to avoid any issues down the line.

Find Delicious Catering Services

You may be too busy greeting guests and taking enough photos to last a lifetime to eat at your wedding reception, but your guests will be looking forward to the delicious meal of your choosing. Choosing the best catering services to accommodate your guests can be one of the most fun steps to planning a wedding. Make sure to select a catering service comprised of chefs from the best culinary schools to ensure a high-quality meal.

Following these steps to planning a wedding will ensure your big day is one to remember for the rest of your life! Good luck and give Renaissance Miami a call if you want some help!