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Planning the Perfect Bridal Shower: Checklist And Other Tips

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Being In Charge of the Bridal Shower

Some people might love the idea of planning a bridal shower, however, for many, it can be a daunting task. Planning a bridal shower can be stressful because it is a big lead up to the most important day of a couple’s life. Because weddings are pretty important (usually), the bridal shower can feel like it needs to be perfect.

As of 2014, the average wedding had an invite list of over 130 people for the wedding. Luckily, a bridal shower will have significantly fewer guests. So if you have found yourself searching for the best bridal shower and best wedding planning apps, scouring google for party venues, and are looking to help your partner have his or her dream wedding, we want to help. Here are some of our favorite tips for excellent bridal shower planning.

Planning a Bridal Shower

Planning a bridal shower is a bit different than corporate events. Typically, you will want to have a more fun and intimate setting, and may even look to include some creative catering, which is why so many people start looking for the best bridal shower and best wedding planning apps. Let’s start with a small checklist.

The Bridal Shower Checklist

Pick a Date: Typically, a bridal shower should be at least two weeks before the date of the wedding, though even earlier can be better. Consider scheduling the bridal shower one or two months before the date of the wedding. This will ensure there is plenty of time for the couple to continue with wedding planning after the fact.
Organize The Guest List: Because you will be hosting the bridal shower (either at your home or a venue of your choice), you should decide the number of guests you are comfortable with inviting. Of course, keep the bride in mind when deciding who to invite, and potentially consider keeping the guest list a big secret so she is surprised when everyone shows up!
To Theme or Not To Theme: If you would like, you can make the bridal shower a themed event. Tea parties and the beach are popular themes right now, but you can get as creative as you want! The important thing is that the right people are there and the bride is enjoying her time. Themes can add a little extra fun if that is something you would like to do.
Location: Decide where the bridal shower will be held. Will you be using your own home to host the shower? Or perhaps you will find a venue somewhere. The best wedding planning apps can be a great place to look for venues to host a shower if needed.

Other Bridal Shower Tips

The above checklist is a great place to start just to make sure you have all your ducks in a row. Once the checklist is complete, you will probably start thinking about some more specific ideas for the shower. Things like, what food to serve, the color scheme, and if there will be any activities or entertainment are all important things to consider. If the bride is using the best wedding planning apps, there is likely a way for her to invite you to view what has already been planned.

Once you can see what the bride is planning, try to match the colors for the bridal shower with the colors she has chosen for the wedding. This will help make the pictures from the shower coordinate with pictures from the wedding. For food, consider making it a potluck event. Having each of the guests bring a special dish can be a fun way to take some of the stress off of you and get everyone involved.

Lastly, splurge on flowers. Everyone loves a beautiful floral arrangement. Having extravagant flower arrangements throughout the party can make the event feel so much more magical. In the end, don’t stress too much. Everyone will be enjoying the day and be super grateful for all the work and effort you put into coordinating the shower for them — just have fun.