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Wedding Packages Vs. a la Carte Weddings

miami wedding packages

Planning a wedding takes work, attention to detail, and a ton of versatile planning. And planning a wedding or a destination wedding in a popular wedding spot like Miami multiplies all that. More and more couples intending to marry in Miami are choosing venues with all inclusive Miami wedding packages for their weddings. What are the differences between a la carte wedding planning, and planning with venues that offer wedding packages? Read on for a quick breakdown of each option.

Miami À la Carte Weddings

Many believe that a la carte weddings are more customizable, and prefer that advantage. Each element of a couple’s wedding can be tailored to represent them, their families, and their journey. A la carte weddings also permit couples to be married in exotic or meaningful locations: a trendy choice, as 40% of marrying couples report seeking unusual or meaningful locations for their weddings. But that’s tricky in Miami. And expensive wherever you get married, often stretching a wedding budget to its limit as couples find themselves responsible for each detail of the event: dinner and flatware, seating, linens, flowers and decor, and in many cases staff for service and cleaning, just to name a few.

Preparing an a la carte wedding takes a great deal of attention and time. You will need to contract with up to a dozen different merchants and vendors, be sure your orders with each of them are accurate, paid, and clear. And for each of those dozen vendors, you will need to meet with and interview at least one or two more before you hire one for your wedding. Considering that couples are advised to book their wedding venue up to a year before the event, it’s necessary to have the reception site first and hope that the remaining elements will fit.

And the more moving parts there are, the more likely that something will be prepared in a way different from how you’d planned. With a la carte weddings, it can be necessary to not only begin your planning a little earlier but also to have reliable back-up plans.

Miami Wedding Packages

Miami wedding packages offer a great deal for your budget. These packages can include not only the venue and catering, but also music, decor, photography, invitations, party favors, lighting, tables and seating, transportation for you and your guests, and even the wedding cake. And all of it will be in-house and designed to work seamlessly together.

In addition to the tangible elements listed above, a Miami wedding package makes your wedding easier by providing all of the labor: preparing the venue for the event, arranging the catering and music, and maintaining the event schedule. And when it’s all over, the venue you’ve chosen for your Miami wedding package will be responsible for cleaning and restoring the facility. And Miami wedding packages enable couples to plan their weddings relatively quickly as venues offering Miami wedding packages will also control the schedule for all of the necessary services and resources.

Miami weddings are special whether you plan an a la carte Miami wedding or use Miami wedding packages. Each offers a lot. With either choice, you can design a wedding that is about you and your spouse-to-be, about memories, about family, and about life together.