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Four Key Tips to Make Your Wedding Planning Easier

Infographic: Planning a wedding

Gentlemen, are you helping plan out the specifics of your wedding? You should be, at least according to statistics. Today, three out of every four grooms-to-be are involved in choosing items for their wedding registry, and nearly 40% of all couples make all the arrangements for the big day as a team. That means the days of “stepping aside and letting the lady take over” are far, far behind us.

Marriage is about unity and coming together, and one of the best ways to start putting that into practice is through joint planning of your ceremony and reception. It can be overwhelming, but so is marriage, and just like a real relationship, the struggles only strengthen the bonds of the union. With all that mind, start thinking as a cohesive unit and begin planning your wedding together. Here are a few helpful tips:

Making sure the money is right
First on the wedding planner checklist is establishing a viable budget and keeping that number in mind throughout the entire process. You might be receiving some help from your parents (or your future in-laws), but it’s best to not count on that cash in the initial planning. There are quite a number of expenses to keep in mind — catering, banquet hall rentals, live music, the cake itself — so put your heads together to come up with a budget that’s both realistic and agreeable to both parties. Don’t be afraid to celebrate, either. After all, they don’t call it your “Big Day” for nothing.

Scouting out prospective wedding locations
You might have been dreaming of a beach wedding since you were a little girl (or boy, for that matter), but if it just doesn’t fit in the budget, it’s time to opt for Plan B. First, choose a general location, then cruise the web to find a list of potential party venues and what they typically charge for weddings and receptions. Start writing numbers down, then get in contact with the banquet halls to shop around for the most affordable rates. When you feel good about a place, you probably know it’s right for your special celebration.

Determining the date, the guest list, the theme, the entertainment
Next up on the wedding planner checklist are the logistics. Pay special attention to the venue to see what kind of aesthetic would be fitting for your wedding. Determine the colors of your entire ceremony and reception, then coordinate the bridal party’s outfits to match. Ask yourself the tough questions: DJ or band? Photo booth or candy bar? Try to hammer out a solid guest list and table arrangement in advance. Most importantly, always leave room for last-minute changes.

Talking with a professional wedding planner
If everything on this list seems a bit excessive, don’t worry. There’s an entire profession dedicated to helping people just like you figure out all the details when it comes to weddings. That’s what wedding planners do, and chances are, there’s a whole host of reliable, professional planners right in your area. Always set up a meeting and ask plenty of questions before you go full-out in hiring him or her. And don’t forget: Your planner’s fee is coming out of your budget.

Hopefully, this modest wedding planner checklist will help you organize the ceremony of your dreams. Remember, it’s a two-way street, so plan equally! It’ll lay a good foundation for the rest of your life together.