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Getting to Know the Top Four Wedding Trends of 2014

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The results are in — around 40% of all couples currently planning their weddings are doing so together. That might not sound like too impressive a figure, but based on past trends, it’s quite notable that grooms have been taking a more active role in the wedding plans. From helping pin down a banquet hall to choosing which caterer can best fill the bellies of 200 guests, wedding planning is 100% a team effort, and more and more now, it’s being treated like one.

Before you plan out the ceremony and the wedding reception of your dreams, it might be a good idea to get caught up on the latest trends poised to take hold throughout the rest of the year:

1. Experimenting with colors.
While it’s not particular new to opt for particular color schemes in your wedding plans, it’s worth noting which colors are in and which ones are completely out of fashion. Pink, at one time the most ubiquitous bridesmaid color of all, is making its long-awaited comeback, but don’t expect deep pinks or light reds. It’s all about pales, nudes, blushes and peaches, so says

2. Taking it to the streets.
Banquet halls are always popular locations for wedding sites, and probably always will be, but 2014 is bringing with it a big tent revival scene. That is, more weddings outdoors under the light of the moon or on the softness of a sandy beach. Also big are “destination weddings,” or ceremonies that take place in the same location where you’re planning to vacation on your honeymoon. While a bit more expensive, outdoor wedding receptions often prove to be even more memorable.

3. Throwbacks and thrifty themes.
One of the most popular wedding plans in 2014 (and potentially even into the future beyond it) combines all the pomp of a 1920s mansion party with the fiscal practicality of a thrift shop. It’s called shabby chic and it’s all the rage for weddings across the nation. Take Mason jars and turn them into flower vases, but wear white gloves to make it an extraordinary affair. With your spouse, find that glossy balance between frugality and fortune.

4. Personalized, crafty invites.
Boilerplate wedding invitations wore out their welcome 20 years ago. Today’s guests are constantly surrounded by stimuli from smartphones and web access, so you have to give them something that commands their attention. Commission an artist to sketch up custom portraits of you and your partner to print on every invite. You’ll be surprised how far a simple aesthetic trick like that will go.

Of course, what’s trending one day can become old hat just months later. For more serious, detailed planning tips, contact a professional — but remember that no matter whether you choose to embrace trends or keep it traditional, the most important part of your wedding is planning it together.